Confederate Symbols

The Civil War was the darkest era in our American history.  It brought more suffering to our country than any of us can even imagine.  As with most wars, the majority of the soldiers had no knowledge of the political ideologies which brought about the war.   They didn’t know what they were fighting for and would have no voice in shaping the policies that would evolve at the war’s end.   But, as with all wars, “To the victor goes the spoils.”   The South had to be punished, and, although Reconstruction meted out this sentence to rich and poor alike, there have always been those who feel that it was not sufficient and that all succeeding generations must continue to make retribution.

Those who want to stir up controversy today have turned their attention to symbols of the long defunct Confederacy.  The fact that these symbols are hurtful to some is a gross misunderstanding in itself.  To say that a Confedate flag or monument represents slavery or racism is to deny the timeline of our country’s history.  Slavery existed in the American colonies before the country won its independence and should have been abolished when the Constitution was written.  Period.  That it wasn’t,  is the fault of all our forefathers, not just the Southern ones.  As my husband has said many times, slavery existed many more years under the American flag than it did under the Confederate flag during the few short years of the Confederacy.  But this truth does not serve the purpose of those who have an agenda today.  They want to turn neighbor against neighbor just as our ancestors did over a century and a half ago.

i agree that the symbols must go away.  They are obviously hurtful to many, regardless of the misplaced blame associated with them.  I do hope that they will be relocated to museums or other appropriate settings and not just be wrongfully destroyed.  We must not forget our history and the pain associated with it.   I also hope that the mercy shown to Confederate leaders and soldiers at the end of the war will continue to be shown toward Civil War battle sites, cemeteries, and Confederate headstones in private cemeteries.  Right or wrong, these men did what they felt they had to do and deserve to be remembered respectfully.

State of the Eulogy

From the lack of political opinion posts lately, I assume that most of you, like me, have decided to stick your heads into the sand and live out the rest of your life in denial.  We can’t change what is coming, so silence is probably the best option.  I have had no inclination to watch the State of the Eulogy tonight.  After all, we will hear repeats of it for the next week every time we turn on the TV.  Right?  Even without trying, however, I have picked up on some very disturbing predictions about what will be unveiled.  Apparently, there will be some bold proclamations about upcoming signatures with the mighty marxist pen.  These actions will take us where no Americans have ever been before, but citizens of once free countries can certainly tell us where we are going next.  More disturbing than that is a further prediction that no one in the legislative or judicial branches of our government will attempt to oppose these actions.  That’s probably best too.  As Christians, we must render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s.  We must also continue to pray for our country, for our “leaders” and for each other.   We don’t know our God’s plans for our country or how He plans to use all this for His glory, but we do know He is in control and that we can trust Him no matter what our circumstances.